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At the intersection of culture, community, cravings and cocktails is a pastime that for decades has lived rent free in our minds and souls: Brunch. At Ruby Slipper & Ruby Sunshine, we believe in brunch. No, we're crazy about brunch. Obsessed, actually. Ok, you're right...We live for it.

Born from the undeniable spirit and soul of New Orleans, a place where the good times roll on no particular day of the week or time of the day, we set out to create a place that celebrates the craveable & creative flavor and spirit of brunch front and center, every day.

Why? Something just happens at a brunch table.

We let loose. We let go. We let it go. We let the good in. We connect and reconnect. We indulge. We're in the moment and make the most of moments. We make friends. We make plans. We make time. We make memories. We make the rules.

At the crossroads of "I need a moment" and "I need a mimosa," where the sounds of laughter, storytelling and the clink clinks of glasses are the signature playlist is a place where love– made from scratch– is served daily...with a side of hollandaise.

Where there's nothing we won't put an egg on, where bacon is our muse, and where joy (drizzled with syrup) really stacks up. Life is busy. We get it. It's easy to get lost in the "to-do's" of today and the "I need to's" of tomorrow. Sometimes we just want to be at a place, or in a mindspace, where the rest of life is back on the table. Where we can just be. Be Ourselves. Be someone else. Celebrate what unites us & put our differences aside.

But also just all agree on really important things– like that there's no such thing as a bad time for Bloody Mary. There's no rules. No wrong answers. No judgement. There's just no place like brunch.
It's not just food. Or a meal. It's a culture. A common ground. A community. A lifestyle. So we're all about it...quite literally. That flavor. That energy. That feeling. That Life.

That Brunch Life.

Ruby Slipper & Ruby Sunshine

Because we have good taste in music, too. 

Check out our Spotify playlist we think you’ll love a whole #brunch